Monday, December 1, 2008


The crossover between what we see and what we do not see, between form and consciousness is happening everywhere. We are becoming more and more conscious that we are both spirit and form.

The deeper understanding, experience of life as we know it on this planet is that we are both spirit and form and yet we seem to forget that we are spirit. The children today know that we are both spirit and matter and show us that everyday. We are the ones who do not always see it and need convincing, not the children.

The IMPULSE community that is forming around parents and professional searching for answers is a beautiful example of the crossover between educational institutions and parents, which is about time.

IMPULSE is an expanded body of how the new laws of motion, the Universal Physics function. IMPULSE provides parents, not understood because their children do not fit the system, a way to grow with them from the ground up, from the heart of the child. This is leading to the new education and we are seeing miracles everyday. I call it the "Jack in the Box Way" Where there is a time to go within and contain and a time to jump out and play. this creates joy. Rhythm being the basis of Waldorf Education is the best follow up at this time for the children who are overcoming the obstacles we have put in their way.


This is done by bringing intention, which includes heart desires, commands, demands, prayers and mind together with action. As opposites they merge into the moment, where everything changes, implodes/explodes into creation/elimination.

Law of Creation = Intention + Still-point + Action *

*given by Einstein, Linda Dillon, Council of Love writings on Creation

All energy is in motion and linked to thought.

IMPULSE emerges out of the vibrational link between thought and the moving energy which manifests it. For example...I open my heart, I receive, I give. See the DVD Heart Motions of IMPULSE and watch the children bring intention and action together to the point of stillness. When I speak of thought I do not mean mind chatter or critical thinking; it is pure thought or idea. The head has run away with us and goes on all by itself. By bringing the thought and the action together you anchor the reality of thought into the body.

What you stop is the mind chatter of the head as you focus on the moving forms and feel their sensations. The felt sensations of the moment are pure perceptions, which are encoded in the body as feeling codes, which are primary to learning. Conceptual codes are secondary. Movement brings the feeling sensations in your body, thought and the action into one. Thus movement is an extraordinary tool for elegant ideation. Movement brings awareness to experience. Without movement of every cell, every atom of your entire being nothing can move forward.

The Streaming Exercise is to establish balance between spirit and form; Above and Below and Within and Without: thought and action move together to the still-point. The thoughts are below and the picture of the Magenta Infinity on the next blog.

I go into my heart
I anchor in my heart. I am one with the Universal Heart of One

I open my heart to all that lies above me
I receive love from Mother, Father, One

into my heart, my mind, my body and every cell
I give love to all!

I open my heart to Mother Earth
I receive her loving gifts
Into my heart and give them to all her
creatures of the earth and all Universes

Parents are moving and thinking and feeling ( IMPULSE community) and watching their children change and grow as they develop with them. The children and the parents are opening to who they are together. In fact they are not only receiving and giving, they are translating from within their inborn wisdom and creating with it. This is the joy of the 'search' for knowledge and that is what education is for. Parents and professionals you are making this happen for yourselves and for your children.

This is not to say we should do away with institutions. On the contrary the institutions could learn from the parents and improve. Thereby, we are voewing the crossover created between education and parenting, where all have equal value.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Children today come in all varieties and expressions to awaken us the fact that they are wise and have within them new ways to be, to create and to stay in balance. IMPULSE reveals the flow and ebb of universal laws as they move in and out of us creating our organs and systems by which we function.

IMPULSE reveals a new patterning of energy that lives within the children being born today. Through movement, speech and music these patterns are activated in a fun and playful way in both the children and us. Thus IMPULSE becomes a valuable tool for everyone as it enhances creativity and restores function.

It is sad that so many children come to life full of talent and excitement and are shut down by what we expose them to, hindering their ability to progress and move forward. The old thinking of separation and duality caused a world of decline, which we are seeing in our financial, health and educational institutions and which is coming to a close. Parallel to this is the answering form of bringing duality closer together as we witness a black man moving into a white house; CREATING CONNECTIONS between people and their differences. The children come from a place of wholeness and in some ways are disconnecting from the world as we know it, because we have harmed them and because they are leading us to the future human being.

I am Dr. Jean and after a recent seminar on IMPULSE I want to give a few indications as to where to begin to use IMPULSE daily with your children for those who attended. If you have not attended do make contact if you wish more information with me
If you look at the above picture you see the exercise that I call the Streaming Exercise. you see an infinity symbol, which is one of the best symbols to portray life. We begin life as the heart begins to unfold in the womb and we breath in and out until it stops at death. We look up to the heavens and down to the earth and when they are in balance we are centered in the heart, the meeting place between the two.

When we pray for help and help comes there is a moment when the higher energy is not in tune with ours. There is a moment of imbalance as it were between the two energies.

This was given to me to remember to keep the connection between what is outside of us and what lives within us in balance, which means streaming continuously with light and love. Where there is love there is not illness. Love is the fuel of the universe.

Center yourself in the heart and help your child to feel the heart as it pulses all by itself. It does so whether we notice or not. After centering in the heart, open it to the world and all that lives outside and above, draw in light, or love into the heart. As it leaves the heart and enters the Solar Plexus open to the will of the universe, to all that lives below you in the earth and draw it up to your heart and out and keep it streaming without stopping in one action of connection.

Where the hands are crossing is where we create the inner and outer connections. Fist we begin inside and open outside then we cross to create the inner space, which turns again to the outer space and so on. We keep the balance between; as above, so below; as within, so without.

Important to keep in mind daily is that your child not lacking or deficient, they are breathing and moving beings capable of change.

Begin this exercise with seeing your child full of light, as they are pure energy, but they are unable at this time to bring that energy into the body where they can consciously use it. The IMPULSE exercise which I gave you as Streaming creates a connection between what is experienced in the opening of the heart as it receives the huge world outside and above us. We call that the Universe or the Heavens. As that connection is made the movement returns to the heart and opens now the Solar Plexus, that which live below our heart in the earth. As the movement opens it receives from the earth and flows back to the heart and above again. As the hands cross the inner form is created to allow the energy to flow within and again to the heart and outside. This create the connection to inside outside and outside inside.

The children feel a thought through the sensation of the movement and this is coded in the body where they can bring it up as they search for thought and ideas. this is why I always tell you that the children understand even before you do. The New Children are centered in the heart and if they do not feel first they get confused and even angry. So we start with putting our attention on the heart. Wherever you focus your attention that is where energy flows. Everything created has a beginning, a center and for all children today that center is the heart. the heart has a thousand times more magnetic force, according to NASA, than the mind. This is why we draw to us what we let out of us.

  • This exercise is Code One and Code Five combined and taken from the Nine Codes involved with the Central Nervous System.
  • It is also the Third Exercise for the Endocrine Activation of the heart, thymus, thyroid and para-thyroid. the Para-thyroids are four little glands on the thyroid that regulate the in and out breathing rhythms and also the waking sleeping rhythms of the body. So this is important to restore balance to the rhythms of the body. the Glands actually can change the shape of the body when they are out of balance.
  • You can do this exercise with the whole body
  • With finger walking the picture
  • With drawing it
  • with doing it in space with two people have fun and create.